Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 is... Precious

I've been trying to write several posts for over a week now... Life gets in the way sometimes! And with a baby, "sometimes" is actually "most of the time".

So Mike and I went to a dinner/discussion type thing with a bunch of friends of ours from camp last night, and the conversation revolved around New Year's and the concept of "naming your year". This is a really interesting and beautiful blog post about the idea ( approaching it from a Christian perspective but I think the idea is valid regardless of your religious (or not) beliefs (or not).

To name your year is to give it a theme, a plan. It's kind of a hope or wish or prayer for the year. Since I've never done this before, I have no idea how it's going to go... but that is much like the year itself. I have a general idea of things that might happen, e.g. Thom is going to grow! Craziness! But the specifics and day-to-day I have no idea e.g. I'd really like a new job to go "back" to after my mat. leave is over... *fingers crossed*.

The first word that came to my mind was "Precious", followed by "Cherish" and then "Be present". None of this is a shock to me, as I spend my days with the most precious and cherished boy in the world :) However, I know that as he grows and changes day to day I find I sometimes take him for granted. Especially when he's crabby or not sleeping well. Sometimes it's hard to remember that these days are absolutely precious, and his baby days are slipping by at an alarming speed.

I've also noticed that I'm having these weird, almost "out of body" experiences where I'm speaking or doing something and I feel like I'm watching myself do it. Or like my mouth is going but my head isn't attached to what it's saying. I assume it's because of sleep deprivation. This is SUPER dangerous because if you know me, you know I already have a very poor filter when I speak. Some people say I'm "brutally honest", some people have a less p.c. term for it!

So, my theme for this Precious year of 2012 is Be Present. Trying to appreciate and cherish every moment with my wonderful amazing baby boy, before he's too old to snuggle or too big to pick up and rock. Before I have to go back to work, wherever that may be. Cherish the moments and be fully present, even when he's screaming or puking or pooping everywhere. This too shall pass, and I'm sure it will go faster than any period of time I've ever experienced before. And then I will miss these days. 2012 is precious. I will cherish these moments and be fully present for those I love.

What is your name for 2012?

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