Monday, January 16, 2012

Holy crap!

This morning I put on a pair of jeans. Nothing new there, except that I pulled them on but couldn't do them up.... Panic sets in, "But I've been working so hard! I know I ate a piece of cake and other yummy things at the party yesterday, but this is ridiculous!"

And then I realize...

They were Mike's jeans.

My husband is also known as Mr. No Bum... And I was wearing his jeans! And except for not being able to do up the button, (and being too long) they actually fit! This is a HUGE deal for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I think of being able to put on and pull up his jeans.

I gained about 30 pounds while I was pregnant, which to me wasn't bad. I didn't really change my eating habits, no crazy cravings except for red licorice and cucumber (and occasionally french fries with ice cream, but that started before I got pregnant). That's not too bad, right? However I wasn't exactly "healthy" before becoming pregnant. But after Thom was born (and I started losing weight right away), I knew I needed to take some kind of control to ensure success. So when a friend mentioned he was trying a "Low G.I. Diet", and then we found a book with that very title at my in-law's, I figured it was meant to be.

That was in October. It's now January, and I've lost 61 pounds so far! And the best part is that it's still dropping! Slower than before, but slow and steady. I have to be aware of what I eat. Mike is super supportive, he does most of the cooking, I just have to tell him what to make! He also tries to eat two servings of everything because he CAN'T afford to lose any weight, he's already so freaking skinny.

I still have my temptations (*cough*chocolate*cough), but I act reasonably and rationally. I also don't restrict myself to the point of deprivation, because that will just make me want it more! If I'm going to a birthday party, I'm gonna have a piece of cake! Thanksgiving came and went, (successfully) Christmas came and went (mostly successfully). But when holidays were over, I got back to eating regularly and so far so good. I imagine the summer will be hard (ice cream...) but it's also easier to keep doing the right thing when I know it's working.

It's a journey!


  1. Looking great girl! What an amazing accomplishment!

  2. Hey Kate, I noticed you were looking leaner on your facebook photos. Way to go!! :D :D