Monday, January 2, 2012

So this is the New Year...

For those who know me, you know that I typically have trouble with New Year's Eve. Auld Lang Syne used to make me bawl like a baby. I'm not sure where the hatred of this "holiday" came from but I always felt like I hadn't done anything worthwhile, and I hated acknowledging time had passed.

Last year I was too excited about the baby to be negative about New Year's. When this year rolled around, I was too busy having a great time and enjoying myself with my boys at a fabulous party!

So this brings me to the issue of "resolutions". Obviously in the past I never partook, (since I didn't believe in the whole system) except one brief stint where a friend and I gave up being self-deprecating. Pretty sure it lasted like two days.

But this year is different. I feel totally different because this year, I'm a Mom. So this year I'm making resolutions. They aren't going to be anything earth-shattering, but they're mine and they're important to me. So there you go. And I want them to be specific... none of this "Eat better, exercise more" stuff.

1. Recycle yogurt cups.
Specific enough? Small and manageable enough? I really would prefer to "Recycle More", but that's not specific. So I recently learned that my yogurt cups are actually recyclable, and therefore instead of simply throwing them away, I want to recycle them.

2. Exercise once a week.
I took up yoga in September, and I love it. Love love love it. Once a week (on Friday mornings) Thom and I go hang out with other Moms and babies and we do yoga together. It's my "me time", even though Thomas is right there. Did I mention I love it? I've also tried Bikram Hot Yoga a few times with my sister, but I imagine once she goes back to school I'll have a harder time motivating myself to go. So I'll say once a week, and if I do more than that, yay for me!

3. Laugh every day.
It seems so simple, and yet I don't know if I do it. I try, for sure. Mike and I laugh a lot, and I think that has managed to keep our stress level as new parents to a minimum. We still find each other ridiculous and enjoyable to be around. That also might have something to do with the sleep deprivation, but I'll take it! I also want to laugh with Thom as much as possible. His little smile warms my heart, and when he starts to giggle and laugh I feel like my heart might burst!

4. Wash my face twice a day, every day.
Again, seems so simple and yet... As a new Mom I'm learning about the importance of taking care of myself. Hence the yoga, the eating well diet thing, the weight loss etc. Well ever since getting pregnant, my skin just hasn't been the way it used to be. I've never had amazing skin, but I'm pretty sure it was never this bad. Add that to the fact that I'm totally exhausted and really good at putting myself after everyone else, (just like a Mom) so this is another small way for me to keep taking care of me!

That's it for now... I think those are attainable and manageable... At least I hope they are!
Another resolution would be to "write more", hence the blog. But I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. I want this blog to be more of my "musings" and rants and such... not something I HAVE to do, but something I enjoy :)

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  1. These are great resolutions Kate! Can't wait to read more!